Randstad Sourceright EMEA bv Privacy Statement

Randstad Sourceright EMEA bv is committed to the protection of Personal Data of the personal data that are entrusted to us. Personal details are therefore handled and secured with great care, in accordance with the Dutch data protection legislation.

This privacy statement explains who we are, what personal data or information (referred to in this policy as “information”) Randstad Sourceright EMEA bv (referred to in this Policy as: “we” or “Randstad Sourceright”) collects both online and offline about potential recruits (“candidates” or “you”) for our clients and how we use this information.

Randstad Sourceright EMEA bv (Chamber of Commerce registration number HR 56859740) is a company based in the Netherlands providing sourcing and recruitment services to its own clients as well as to clients of other subsidiaries of Randstad Holding nv (www.randstad.com).

Generally, we collect information about potential candidates through research of a number of publicly available resources, like, for example, professional information that our candidates may have posted about themselves on social network sites and job boards. This information is stored in our own database, which we use to conduct candidate searches on behalf of our clients. If a candidate is identified as a potential match for a specific search, we will contact that candidate to ask if they are interested in being informed about job opportunities, to invite them to submit further information about themselves, and to ask their consent for the inclusion of their data in our database and the provision of this information to our clients. 

The Randstad Sourceright is the data controller (i.e. the entity responsible for the processing of personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws) in respect of all of the information which it collects about and receives from candidates.


Cookies notice

Our website uses cookies (i.e. small text files that are placed on your computer by our website) and other tracking tools. For more information about the cookies on the website, please check the cookie statement on http://www.randstadsourceright.com/cookies/.


How we collect information

We collect data in a variety of ways:

  • From publicly available sources on the internet. For example, we search professional social network sites and job opportunity websites for professional information that people post about themselves.
  • Directly from you. We will invite you to submit information about yourself if we have identified you as being a potential candidate for a position we have been asked to fulfill for a client. We may also offer the opportunity for you to submit information to us for inclusion in our database in order to be considered as a candidate for future positions.
  • Through your use of our website and your interactions with us. You may view and use our website and we may use tracking tools to collect information about your usage of our website. We may also store information about your other interactions with us, for example about any correspondence we may have with you or any interactions we may have through social media.


What information we collect

In our database, we try to include the following information about candidates:

  • Name
  • Current and previous job titles
  • Current company
  • Email address and telephone number
  • City and country
  • Language capabilities
  • Job experience and work history
  • Professional skills
  • Education
  • The source of the information about the candidate
  • Any other information that you provide to us and which is relevant for a specific job profile or in relation to a specific job vacancy and/or job offer.

Additionally, we may store information based on your interactions with us.


How we use information on candidates and for what purposes

We use information about our candidates in the following ways:

  • To match the professional profile we have stored of our candidates in our database to any positions we have been asked to fulfill by any of our clients, and including any related administrative use such as invoicing;
  • To communicate with candidates about our services. For example, we may inform a candidate about a position that they may be interested in and/or to invite them to submit further information about themselves and/or to ask their consent to store their profile in our database and to forward it to a client.
  • For marketing purposes. Candidates may be contacted with commercial offers or promotions which may be of interest to them, if they’ve agreed to receive such mailings.
  • To monitor and improve our products and services. We use your information in order to monitor how our services are used (e.g. our website) and how we can improve these. We may ask our candidates to participate in market research and use and store their feedback to improve our service offerings.
  • For verification and security purposes. We may use your information to verify the data we hold about the candidates, to protect the security of our website and our database, to avoid the abuse of the information contained in it in any way and to protect the legitimate interests of the Randstad group and those of its clients against unlawful behavior.
  • To comply with our legal obligations. In some instances, we may be under a legal obligation to store certain information about our candidates. For example, if we ask your consent to use certain information about you, we will store a record of your consent to comply with our requirements under data protection law.


Information on candidates may be shared with the following parties
  • Within the Randstad group of companies. The Randstad Sourceright companies are part of the Randstad Group (www.randstad.com), which is active in many countries in the world. We may share candidate information with other Randstad companies in relation to specific searches for suitable candidates for positions they have been asked to fill. We will only do so if the candidate has given his/her prior consent to this (unless the information is only provided to the client in anonymous form).
  • Our clients. We offer sourcing and recruitment services to a wide range of clients. If we have found a suitable candidate for position we have been asked to fill by a particular client, we may provide information we have about that candidate to that client. We will only do so if the candidate has given his/her prior consent to this (unless the information is only provided to the client in anonymous form).
  • Our third party service providers. We may share your information with third party processors so that they can provide services to us (e.g. the company which hosts our database, or any agents we may engage to conduct searches of our database on our behalf), but where we do this we will put in place a written agreement to ensure adequate protection of your information.


How long we keep the information of our candidates

The information on a candidate (name, contact details, work experience, education, data on our interactions etc.) is available in our database for 2 years from the date on which the information was included in our database or from the date the candidate last contacted us, whichever is the latest.

A candidate who no longer wishes to be placed by us, can contact us to request deletion (see below).


Candidates’ rights with respect to their information

Any candidate whose data is included in our database may at any time exercise the following rights:

  • To review the information that we hold about them in our database;
  • To request correction of this information if it is factually wrong;
  • To request deletion of the information if they no longer wish to be included in our database nor to be informed by us about career opportunities which match their professional qualifications;
  • To change any privacy setting they have previously chosen. For example, if you’ve agreed to accept cookies from our website or to receive third party marketing mailings, you may at any later time change your mind, and change your settings to refuse cookies (unless these are necessary to use our site) or to no longer receive third party mailings.

For this purpose you may contact Randstad Sourceright EMEA bv at: privacy@eu.randstadsourceright.com. When you make such a request, we may ask you for some additional information in order to properly check your identity.


Data security

We have various security measures in place to protect the information we hold about candidates. For example, we use encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection software and manual security procedures to help protect the accuracy and security of the data we hold about candidates. However, the Internet is not 100% secure, and therefore we cannot promise that the transmission of data over the Internet will always be secure. We also encourage you to use caution when using the Internet. This includes not sharing your passwords.


Transfers to other countries

Our use of information about candidates in accordance with this statement may involve the transfer of this information to other countries, including outside the European Union. For example, this may be the result of the fact that Randstad companies outside Europe request for search results from the database to find suitable candidates in Europe for a position they have been asked to fulfill. Or this may be the result of a client or third party service provider we engage being located outside Europe. The laws of other countries to which candidate information is transferred may not provide the same level of protection for personal information as the law of the country where the candidate resides. Where this is the case, we will, however, put in place appropriate technical and contractual protections for personal information in accordance with applicable laws, to ensure that personal information is adequately protected.


Links to other websites we don’t control

We may from time to time offer links on our website to other websites which we do not control. This policy does not apply to the privacy practices of those other websites. If you have a particular interest or concern regarding the way your data will be used by those other websites, you are advised to read the privacy policy on the relevant website.


How to contact us if you have any questions

If you have any questions about this Policy or any privacy concerns, or would like to request copies of the information we hold about you, please contact privacy@eu.randstadsourceright.com, or send a letter to:

Randstad Sourceright EMEA bv

Attn. of Data Protection Officer, RSR Legal department

Diemermere 25

1112 TC Diemen

The Netherlands


Updates of this policy

We may change our privacy practices and this policy. If we do, we will post an updated version of this document on our website. It will have a different date and version number from the one set out below. You are advised to check our site periodically for updates.


Version 5 - 10 April 2017